Every good suit deserves a tailor. Our custom tailored suits feature an excellent selection of fabrics from all over the world. Thousands of colors, textures, and patterns are available for any type of weather, and can accommodate any budget. Our patterns are created from scratch, and suit customization involves selecting your lapel, pockets, lining, monogram, buttonholes and other fine details.

Discover our complete range of products.

  • Overcoats

  • Wedding Packages

  • Formal Wear

  • Cotton Trousers

  • Dress Shirts

  • Accessories

  • Silk Ties

  • Scarves

  • Tie Clips and Pins

  • Cuff Links

  • Billfolds, Wallets and Money Clips

  • Belts (Variety of Exotic Skin Options)

  • Dress Socks

  • 18k Gold Jewelry

Is this your first custom suit? Don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way! But first, 

Schedule Your 1-Hour Catou Style Session Today


The only reason to come to Catou is to have Berny Martin help you look your best. To help you express your true self and create the impression you want to create. Your Catou style will be uniquely YOU – so the first step is for Berny to get to know you.

Your custom tailor will come to you.

In your home, your office, or any other location where you feel comfortable, “Berny and His Amazing Travelling Fabric Show” will travel to you. We never charge for travel, but for trips farther than 180 miles from Indianapolis, we raise the minimum purchase requirement slightly.  

What your session includes:

Your concierge custom tailoring sessions will begin with a Lifestyle/Career Analysis – which is really just a technical term for a casual discussion about who you are, what your life is like, what your values are, what kind of personality you have, etc. We’ll talk about what you expect from your wardrobe, how you can be more approachable, and what kind of impression you want to create.

Next, Berny will walk you through a Color Analysis – you will go through the color spectrum together. You will tell Berny which colors you like and don’t like. Berny has an incredible knack for matching color palettes to personalities.

His experience as both a style consultant and a fashion designer will be just what you need to find the perfect colors for your unique style. During the Color Analysis, you will also go through some Fabric Recommendations – types and

weights of fabrics that you like and that Berny recommends for your style. Even if you do not order any clothing after your Style Session, you will still receive a Session Report that includes all of Berny’s recommendations.

Last, but not least, Berny will take a full complement of tailor Measurements for your Style Session Report. That way, if you choose to begin building a wardrobe with your newly discovered Catou Style (link to Catou Style Page) Berny will have everything he needs to begin selecting and handcrafting clothing that will set you apart from the crowd.  

The Investment

The cost of your personalized Style Session is included in your first purchase – either of a custom suit (which start at $600) or of any purchase of at least $600. But there is absolutely NO obligation and NO high pressure sales pitch with your Style Session. If you decide that you do not want to make a custom clothing purchase, we will simply charge you a discounted session rate of $250. You get to keep your Style Session Report – including Lifestyle/Career Analysis, Color Analysis, Fabric Recommendations, and Measurements – to use however you would like.And we will keep all your report information for one year. And if, during that time, you change your mind, we will be happy to apply a $250 credit toward any purchase of $600 or more within one year of your Style Session.



Berny speaks quality. And quality speaks volumes.

When you wear clothing made from the finest fabrics in the world, it says a lot about who you are.

Yes, Berny Martin has access to some of the most exotic and high quality fabrics available. But that is only one aspect of quality for Berny. Quality fabrics are simply the medium for his vision and creativity and passion. What he does with each fabric he carefully selects is what enables him to bring out the true expression of who you are.

Exquisite craftsmanship is the other aspect of quality clothing. An aspect that Berny takes very seriously. His grandmother taught him to value quality above all else in life and he demands that every piece of Catou clothing be crafted for long-term durability as well as everlasting style.

If you have a question about a specific fabric, or about a quality tailoring technique, please feel free to email Berny and ask him. Rest assured, he will give you a quality answer.


Your quality wardrobe starts (or continues) here.

High-end wardrobes are often built one piece at a time. But sometimes you can’t always wait that long. Sometimes you need to get a jump start with several great pieces at the same time.  These Catou Style Packages have been assembled based on some of the most requested combinations of Berny’s clients over the years. However, if there’s a package you’re thinking of, and you don’t see it here, give Berny a call and ask him.